October 2014
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Pacific Sunrise – Perfect Way to Start the New Year

We spent New Year’s Eve on Pacific Sunrise as part of a three-night cruise and can only hope that all of 2011 is as enjoyable as our time on board this lovely ship.

Capt. Dan and his fabulous crew made sure we experienced the best of the Whitsunday Islands, frequently moving to new and different locations and providing multiple opportunities to snorkel, dive and kayak in the warm, clear waters filled with beautiful coral and colorful fish. We appreciated the visit to Whitehaven Beach before the crowds of Fantasea day trippers arrived, allowing us to spend the afternoon snorkeling in a more secluded bay. Transfers by launch for these activities were accomplished efficiently, with the very patient crew always watching out for our safety. Dive instructor Luke was a great teacher, making us feel like Jacques Cousteau on our first ever dive!….

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2 comments to Pacific Sunrise – Perfect Way to Start the New Year

  • Lyn

    would love to know about your cruise on new year eve 2011

  • Sue

    Hello Lyn,
    Sorry we are already booked out of New Years eve this year but we do have a trip starting on the 1st Jan if you would like to join us then please send your preference for cabin etc to
    Love to see you onboard the Pacific Sunrise

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